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Learn how to take charge of your whole family’s health

We believe that family rather than individual should be the focus of diet and health management

Lifestyles are often shared in the family; a child learns to eat food stuff that is eaten by the whole family, and  members of the family often share not only meals but also risks factors for diseases

Therefore, buying, cooking and eating right proportions of food stuff at a family level with help members with diseases/risk factors to manage them best and those without to avoid or delay getting these diseases/risk factors as much as possible

Similarly, getting health checkups appropriate for each of the family member and making everyone physically active is going to ensure that all of you benefit from

Check out ‘For the family‘ tab to find out how to take healthy decisions and habits at the family level, with less effort and more fun! You will find there tips and tools to manage this task with a smile

Also, you will get information on managing health of people with special needs, such as children, pregnant women in a much holistic and surer way, check out ‘HealthWise Customized

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