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Make the most of your health check up- get a HealthWise Preventive consult

Getting a health check up is step 1, follow it up with full preventive consult for complete risk reduction

Congratulations, you took a very health-wise step by going for a health check up. If you ordered it online and the lab worker collected your tests from home, chances are you will self analyze the reports and that will be the end of it if tests are more or less OK

If you visited a clinic or hospital with test reports, a doctor in the ‘health check up’ department would have analyzed your reports and given some lifestyle advice

That should be enough, right?

Wrong, because test reports tell what you already have, not what you are at risk of

There are other aspects where analysis and advice can help you avoid life devastating illnesses such as cancers, hepatitis, problems in your pregnancy, bone loss in your 50-60s etc.

So, what to do?

Book a HealthWise Preventive Consult online! We will systematically look at your additional risk factors, such as family history, smoking, alcohol, diet patterns etc. This will help us advise you in which regular self examinations, vaccines, supplements or diet changes, even additional tests you need to cover ALL aspects of prevention.

Details below

What does the HealthWise Preventive consult offer?

  • Assessment of 10 year risk for CHD (heart disease and complications)
  • Screening for common cancers
  • Assessment of bone health
  • Weight management and weight loss advice and program, if needed
  • Diet chart+healthy eating advice
  • Fitness program
  • Vaccination advice for Indian adults
  • Quit smoking program
  • Alcohol risk management advice
  • Family planning/contraception advice and preconception advice
  • And of course, if you need to see a nearby doctor immediately for drugs/treatment you will be told to do so

How to book this consult

Write to us on care@healthwiseindian.com and tell us your preferred appointment time. We will send you appointment confirmation and payment link ( INR 500) and link for the video call

Upload your test results, we will not share them with anyone. We are a secure site, so no worries on that point!

We will analyze them, then during the consult get additional information from you and accordingly give advice and email it to you as well

You can also call on 0731-4900900


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