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Which health check up package should you choose : book a HWI video-consult to find out now!

Which health check up package should you choose?

All 30 year olds do not have the same health and lifestyle risks. Neither do all senior citizens. Still, the health check majority of labs and hospitals in India only offer a limited number of packages. so if, you are a diabetic and a smoker and there is history of colon cancer in your family, but you are not yet 40, which package would you go for?

It is not a question you should be expected to answer! It should be the job of a doctor of health care personnel, who can do your risk profiling well. But in most instances, people see the doctor AFTER they have already had a check up.

Worst still, if the reports of the tests that YOU chose, are normal, you may skip seeing a doctor altogether. this could be a false sense of security and you may be losing out on a window of opportunity to prevent lifestyle diseases!

Would a general physician design a correct health check up package for you?

Chances are he/she won’t. As medicine is currently practiced in India, we don’t have family physicians, who know about common diseases of all specialties and their risk factors. So the internal medicine specialist or physician will probably miss out on screening for cancers, eye disease etc. Because he does not deal with them even during training period. The specialists are too full of curative medicine work. Meaning they are busy treating those who already have a disease

How does HealthWise Preventive customize a health check up package for anyone?

We do it in the following way:

  1. We have put together all preventive medicine guidelines across specialties. This way we know ALL conditions, looking for whom can result in a window of opportunity to avoid health problems
  2. We have structured questionnaires to look for your risk factors, such as AUDIT for alcohol, Family Health Tree etc.
  3. We calculate your PRE-TEST probability for heart disease, bone disease etc. basis world validated, but India optimized tools
  4. Then we put your age, sex, family, lifestyle risk etc. together and suggest your health check up package

What do you have to do to get your customized health check up list?

  1. Book a video consult with us for designing your health check up
  2. Fill up all questionnaires and forms that we will send to you and send them back
  3. It will be good if you could get your current Height, weight, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure and ECG and upload then as well, cause this is integral and often missed part of health check up
  4. Then call at the time of video consult

Will you get anything extra as part of the consult?

Of course

  1. If you send the weight etc. parameters that we asked for, you will get your weight loss target, calorie recommendation for the day and diet plan for weight loss
  2. You will also get an exercise/activity plan, so that you get active over a span of 1-2 months, without too much fuss

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