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Learn about health challenges specific to Indians

We are about people of Indian subcontinent origin

  • Indian population is different from western populations in their body type, risk profile for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.
  • Our health systems are less mature and the onus of keeping healthy is more squarely on our own selves rather than government institutions or insurance and managed healthcare
  • Indians have unique dietary habits which differ from the western world, but most of the prevailing diet-related information and tools available are designed for and by westerners, leaving us Indians quite confused and handicapped
  • Also, our food industry is relatively immature, with
    • Inadequate ’food safety’ regulation and surveillance : inadequate and unreliable food labeling norms and compliance
    • Relatively less use of  ready-to-eat stuff and  nearly no fortified or enriched staple food items

Therefore, we at HealthWise Indian,

  • Provide India specific information on lifestyle risks and diseases
  • Have preventive health tips and tools especially designed for Indian people
  • Talk in terms of Indian staples, Indian potion sizes etc. and
  • Stress on knowledge and tips to deal with misinformation and make healthy choices in the Indian context

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